Prodigal Twins is Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely, performing their own songs, solo and together.

  1. See The Difference
  2. Wish I Was A Girl
  3. Better Than Best
  4. Insist On Love
  5. Cheating
  6. Crucified By Tears
  7. Bad Hair Day
  8. Soup
  9. Little Bit Of You
  10. I Don't Remember Takin' Nothin'
  11. It Used To be So Easy Lovin' You
  12. Walkin' With My Best Friend
  13. Your Words
  14. She Wants To Give Love
  15. Passion
  16. True
  17. Sunset

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Prodigal Twins
Here is a clip of "True" from the CD "Recreation"
Prodigal Twins - Recreation

Prodigal Twins is the name under which Roxanne and Stephen write, perform and record their original songs together.
  • Soup
  • Bad Hair Day
  • I Don't Remember

  • See The Difference

    Ranging from the Springsteen inspired title track, through the many colours of country pop, including the beautiful ballad
    "Little Bit Of You".

    See The Difference

    Steve Kiely - Hello Young Russia

  • Insist On Love
  • Crucified By Tears
  • Walking With My Best Friend
  • Hello Young Russia

  • From the RadioActive album "Half Life"
  • You Ought To Know It
  • Swim To California
  • Take The Money
  • The Lonely Ones
  • Radio Active - Half Life